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Coached by Hong Kong MTB elite athletes, Akki Academy aim to provide professional training that offer the highest standard of knowledge, resources and support to every mountain bike lover. Akki Academy is based in Akki Bike Park, a perfect place for riders to go through everything they need to know with the park featuring an essential skills training ground that has a myriad of terrain, obstacles and facilities which well-simulated every condition you will encounter in the mountains.  

​In AKKI, we believe children, youths and adults need to learn the right thing and train in a right way in the right place at the right time to optimize their development in MTB. Our mountain bike courses aim to provide a clear path for rider to better sport, greater health and higher achievement.

Whether you are new to mountain bike or already an experienced rider, you will be able learn from our courses as we offer courses for Fundamental, Beginner through to Expert level riders. We break down each skills in detail allowing you to improve and understand what you need to improve. You can also choose the course that suits your interest best and focus on the discipline (all-mountain, downhill, enduro, trials and cross-country) you wish to throw yourself into.

​For all Akki Academy MTB courses, protective gear such as helmets, elbow pads, gloves and knee pads are mandatory.

Akki MTB Intro
  • Ideal for MTB First-timer
  • Trial lesson to learn MTB from zero
  • Learn about the basic skills such as balancing, starting, braking and basic safety knowledge
  • Ensure participants have fun on riding MTB
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The FUNdamental
  • Perfect for Beginner riders
  • Learn every basic skills required for a safe and enjoyable riding experience
  • Overall development on foundational MTB skill and physical capabilities
  • Build up the confidence and interest of participants on MTB

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The Next Level
  • Ideal for Intermediate riders looking to brush up their skills to the next level
  • Develop your core skills and allow you to ride on any blue trails safely
  • Develop your athleticism:  strength, endurance, and flexibility via continuously engagement in MTB sport
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  • Suitable for riders who wish to push themselves through boundaries
  • Master MTB to ride faster and smoother on black trails
  • Focus on mastering the advanced MTB skills from body position, riding style & confidence, competitive skills to sports intelligence and mentality. Ride like a PRO !
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Weekend Regular
  • Suitable to MTB riders at any level
  • Designed to ensure riders have the most fun with MTB
  • All-round training of MTB fundamental techniques
  • Nurture the desire and confidence of riders to mountain biking for life
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Downhill Racer
  • Enthusiastic about the gravity sport? Here you go!
  • Purely focus on enhancing your downhill skills, speed, safety knowledge and bravery
  • This course will help you to descend quick as flash
  • Go Downhill, Feel the Thrill !  
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Trials Specific Skills
  • From roots and stones to trunks and rocks, get the right skills to safely tackle the larger obstacles with new confidence
  • Challenge yourself to ride without setting your foot to ground
  • Learn to control braking, balancing, track standing and more !
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1v1 / Private Group Elite Training
  • Customized course tailored to your training needs
  • Delivered by our Master Coach, Brian Cook
  • One on one means the focus will be only on you
  • Allow you to progress at your own speed aiming to unleash your potential and getting the most out of you
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Akki Coaching Team
Master Coach
Brian Cook
Downhill Master
  • Hong Kong MTB Elite Athlete
  • Asian Games Bronze Medalist
  • Head Coach of Akki Pro Team
Master Coach
Shaun Lee
Mountain Trials Master
  • Champion of HK Trial Championship for 8 consecutive years
  • Champion of BIU China Trial Championship
  • Founder of TriForce Performance Team
Master Coach
Ball Tsui
All-Mountain & MTB Sport Master
  • Hong Kong MTB Elite Athlete  
  • Head Coach of Akki Academy
Senior Coach
Pakyin Ko
Downhill & Enduro Specialist
  • 2019 GDL China final U39 - Champion
  • 2018 GDL Downhill Series 1 U39 - Champion
  • Assistant Coach of Akki Pro Team