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About Akki Bike Park

Located in Ping Shan area of Hong Kong and at the foot of Kai Shan (Mount Akki), AKKI Bike Park is an all-weather mountain bike park that is built by riders for riders. ​

Akki Group is dedicated to fostering the development of mountain biking while different business sector of Akki Group will each taking their responsibilities and play a great role in helping the Group to accomplish its vision. For Akki Bike Park, it will find out the key to success to "promote MTB to the society" and "develop Akki into a prime destination for hosting major international MTB events".

Featuring 3 downhill-oriented trails for different riders (green, blue and black diamond trails), berms, table top jumps, drop offs, pump track, rock garden and an essential skills training ground, we have everything you need for an incredible mountain bike riding experience.

​Akki is a home for every mountain bike rider not only for those with years of experience who are looking for challenges but also for beginners who wish to feel the excitement of mountain biking.  You don't need to worry about where to start. We are here to walk you through everything you need for mountain biking. You don't need to worry about having no one to ride with. We are here to support each other. You don't need to worry about hearing a complaint from others.  We are here to provide you the best MTB riding experience! ​

Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean. MTB Riders, you will never ride alone. Come visit us and join our Akki Community now!


Built by Riders for Riders

In order to build a place that is truly belong to every mountain biking enthusiasts, Akki has recruited numerous elite mountain bike atheletes of Hong Kong to work together to build the trails and facilities of Akki Bike Park. We believe that only in this way can we understand thoroughly the riding experience from what we have built and what mountain bike riders truly need for having their best times with their bikes. Only in this way can we offer the best MTB entertainment services for every fellow mountain bike lovers.

Nevertheless, customer feedback is crucial to the ongoing development of Akki Bike Park. The future of the Park will ultimately be shaped by you, the riders, even though we are the ones putting shovels to the dirt. We valued the opinions from every rider and every one of them matters to us. Last but not least ,a sincere thank you to all the riders who have backed Akki from the start.

Why Mountain Biking?

Looking for great physical exercise to enhance your fitness? MTB can be your perfect choice! Mountain biking is considered as a low impact sport, meaning it puts less stress on your joints than other aerobic activities such as running.  Furthermore, it can help you to burn almost 700 calories per hour. Why go running when you can mountain biking? ​In addition, mountain biking draws attention to reconnect with the forests and our friends in a face-to-face natural environment while technology separates us further from actual engagement. It enables us to feel more a part of the natural world as well as the rest of the world. Since it combines adventure, physical exertion, conquering hurdles, being outside and sharing peak experiences, it also builds very powerful social connections between each other.
Therefore, mountain biking is not only a great sport giving your whole body and your mind a complete workout but also enabling you to embrace the nature and freshening up your soul.

Why Pay to Ride?

Akki Bike Park is the first privatly run mountain bike park in Hong Kong with a team of dedicated maintenance crew. They will ensure Akki Bike Park and its facilities are kept in great condition for your riding pleasure and of course, your safety. Furthermore, all our onsite operation staffs have possessed first-aid certificate to ensure that appropriate and correct initial assistance can be given before professionals arrive.  ​Akki is dedicated to fostering the development of mountain biking. We will not only continually re-invest in the park features optimizing our riders' experience but also allocate our resources in holding major events and competitions in order to pursuit our goals of "promoting MTB to the society" and "developing Akki into a prime destination for hosting major international MTB events". Your entry fee will help us maintain and grow our network for years to come. Our aim is to provide one of the best mountain bike entertainment services in the world.  

What Akki Offer?
  • Trails & features suitable to all riders with different experience
  • Essential Skills Training Ground for you to master all MTB skills safely
  • Mountain Bike Training Courses Coached by Elite Athletes
  • Professional Mountain Bike & Equipment Shop
  • Bike Rental & Repairment Services
  • Restaurants & Accommodation  
  • Bike Wash
  • Bike Parking & Storage
  • Car Park
Corporate Environmental & Community Responsibilities

If our passion, dedication and the community have made Akki where we are today, protecting the beauty of the natural environment is why we have started Akki. In Akki, we recognize our responsibility to the natural environment. Akki aimed to optimize the use of the vacant land providing an additional choice of entertainment to the public and at the same time, conserving the natural resources of our lovely planet. We are dedicated to set an example to show the society that building recreation and leisure facilities doesn't necessarily mean to destroy the environment. In fact, the vacant land will be endowed with a new life by re-purposing it.